Kosovo – Distrugerea unei religii – film documentar [3 părți]

Documentary movie about Kosovo and destruction of ortodox religion by radical muslim albanians. Movie shows documentary videos created by tv journalist from Russia.

This video presenting real evidences about ethnic cleansing of Serbs and other people on religion bases. All christians ortodox, catolic and other non muslim pupulation were expelled from Kosovo in period of 1980 – 2012.

Kosovo is often called the cradle of the Serbian Orthodox Church. In 2001, tragedy has remained unnoticed, which began in the middle of Europe, and continues to this day – the destruction of monasteries and churches in Kosovo. Over the past five years on this earth has been destroyed over 150 churches and monasteries. Destroyed not only cultural monuments suffered desecration soul of an entire people with a rich tradition and a bright destiny.

Confronting the Serbs and Albanians in the war of 1999 was very severe. And for the Serbs of Kosovo field was the same as that for us Kulikovo. In this terrible war Serbs lost the most important part of the country, its history, they have lost the place where their infancy civilization and faith.

Arkady Mamontov program on Kosovo, where, 5 years ago, burned Orthodox churches, destroying homes, killing people in front of the peacekeepers. This is the tragedy of the Serbian people, the tragedy of the state, the tragedy of a unique civilization.

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